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Package includes: 2 x RocketGrip med navn og nummer.

RocketGrip for hockey sticks. Rocketgrip is not only alternative for traditional tape, but it increases grip with stick. It is obvious that shot power depends on stick handling, and this is the way how easy and cheap everyone can become better. Rocketgrip does not consist of glue, it is big advantage comperison to regular tape, because gloves will not be damaged at all. Experience of the game will be changed by 180 degrees, from now on you can forget about changing  the tape. Product is appropriate for everyone, it is adjustable(rubber tape and ring are included in the package), and can be used in different ways for different tastes. RocketGrip will not only help you, but material can be recycled, we are responsibe for the environment around us, and let’s think further about all the qualities that earth provides.

2 x CUSTOMIZED ROCKETGRIP (Rød) - Skien Ishockey

kr 545,00Pris
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